People working in different business functions, despite being aligned around an expected common business performance, often try to achieve the goal by traveling down separate roads.

This is detrimental to operational health and efficiency, because of the unnecessary competition and the dilemmas in the road to success.

One of the major dilemmas created is “be productive or be safe?”, i.e., the productivity and safety divergence. This dilemma is often followed by a decision which usually leads to a great amount of risk, harm or loss in the workplace, mostly because safety actions are considered counterproductive and are sacrificed to keep the organization productive.

Since performance is often measured by outcomes, workers think they can achieve productivity and goals by working in an unsafe manner and appear successful if they do not get injured. However, an organization must achieve safety and productivity balance and the above dilemma must be eliminated by making safety and productivity interdependent. This way, being safe in the workplace will lead to being productive, with a potential to increase productivity, safety, profitability, engagement and most importantly sustainability.

Better safety culture leads to better safety results as well as to better business results and return on investments.

Process Engineering considers “NO injuries” and “NO Accidents” as an outcome of business success. Our OHS consultants can team up with organization’s reliability and process engineers to create solutions that are both productive and safe for workers.

Process Engineering can help organizations to:

  • Evolve their metrics and accountability.
  • Align and integrate safety risk reduction with productivity improvement.
  • Identify/create win-win productivity and safety opportunities.
  • Lead to a better safety culture.
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