The Road Safety Management is a practical tool for companies and fleet operators of vehicles that want to reduce serious injuries and deaths in road accidents and to ensure this way, directly or indirectly, the development of business in today's competitive market.


ISO 39001 specifies the requirements for safety, including speed, vehicle condition and driver awareness and can help companies to adopt and implement a holistic approach to road safety as a complement to existing programs and regulations.


The key points of a Road Safety Management System according to ISO 39001 are:

  • Policy and commitment to Road Safety Recording of processes affecting road safety and their operation
  • Recognition of hazards and risks assessment
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Structure and responsibilities / Training
  • Documentation and Archiving
  • Measurement and Monitoring
  • Inspection and Review
  • Proof of compliance with the standard and effective implementation of Road Safety System
  • Implementation of measures the continuous improvement of the System


Some of the benefits of implementing a Road Safety Management System in a company are:

  • Identification of all risks associated with its activities and road safety.
  • Reduction of actual and potential accidents.
  • Reduction of maintenance and repair cost of vehicles as well as the cost of lost working hours.
  • Reduction of insurance claims.
  • Compliance of the company with the legal framework of road safety.
  • Commitment of all the company's employees on road safety through continuous education and awareness programs.
  • Management of emergency situations, incident and accident effectively.
  • Improvement of customer loyalty to the company.

Note that for the touring coaches management companies serving international tour operator, businesses for worker's transportation, private schools for children's transportation, etc., the development and certification of a Road Safety Management System in accordance with International Standard ISO 39001is a particularly competitive advantage


The Process Engineering has significant experience in the development of Road Safety Management Systems having elaborated such projects in various companies and organizations.

The development of Road Safety Management Systems is performed tailored to the needs of each enterprise in terms of achievements of high performance at the lowest possible cost

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