According to Law 3850/2010  private and public sector, independently of financial activity that employee at last one employee, have the obligation to employee a Safety Officer.

The Safety Officer's qualifications and knowledge as well as his occupational period in each Organization, are determined by relevant Legislation (L. 3850/2010, P.D. 294/1988).

According to the relevant legislation "the Safety Officer provides in the employer recommendations and advices, written or orally, concerning Occupational Health & Safety issues and Occupational Accident's prevention".

The Safety Officer's role is advisory and inspectional, and his obligations do not invalidate the employer's responsibility principle.

Particularly, the Safety Officer:

  • Provides information, advices, instructions and recommendations on Occupational Health & Safety issues in the employer, the Organization's administration and the heads of departments, the employees (individually or in groups) and in the Occupational Health & Safety Employee's Committee or their representative.
  • Inspects the working positions, supervises the implementation of all protective and preventive measurements.
  • Compiles the Occupational Risk Assessment according to legislation in force.
  • Ensures that the employees in the Organization follow the regulations / instructions of Occupational Health & Safety, informs and guides them for the avoidance of risks / hazards that involve their working position.
  • Participates in the compilation and implementation of training programs of employees on Occupational Health & Safety issues.
  • Is informed by the employer for the new means, materials, equipment, installations and procedures that can have repercussions in the health and the safety of workers and provides advices front are decided the installation and their operation.
  • Ensures that all necessary Occupational Environment's Factors measurements are performed in order to propose all suitable and necessary actions.
  • Consults for the correct choice and supervises the right use of suitable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • Collaborates with the Occupational Health & Safety Employee's Committee and participates in its meetings.

The Safety Officer must collaborate with the Occupational Physician and the employee's representative, has moral independence in the employer and the employees at the exercise of his work, while has the obligation of the confidentiality.

Process Engineering employs experienced engineers in the provision of Safety Officer's services who are qualified for the exercise of such duties for all kinds' enterprises and activities.

latest news

ISO 45001 - Occupational health and safety

ISO 45001 - Occupational health and safety Management Systems published on 12 of March 2018 aims to help all size organizations to manage health and safety issues more efficiently and to reduce accidents and ill health.

Most of organizations up until now were implementing OHSAS 18001:2007 standard to keep up with Health & Safety issues concerning workplaces. Now, ISO 45001 will lead organizations into using the same worldwide common standard.

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International Safety Award – Stavros Niarchos Cultural Center

Continuing the progress of our services we undertook the support of TERNA SA to enter the international competition for Safety & Health, organized by the British Safety Council.

PTOLEMAIDA 5 – Power Plant Construction

The PTOLEMAIDA 5 - Power Plant is the largest industrial investment under development this period in Greece. With a total power of 660 MW and heat output of 140 MW for the district heating of Ptolemais, the new unit will replace the operation of old plants with equivalent power.



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