The basic quality requirements of industrial processing products from rubber materials are determined by the Joint Ministerial Decision 91808 published in the Government Gazette 4092/Β /23-9-2020.

Among other things, this JMC determines the need of rubber products’ manufacturers, intended for use as floor tiles, synthetic sports mats and various other objects, to implement a Quality Management System, according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

A set of documented procedures relating to, for example, the management of waste generated by the production process, the investigation of customer satisfaction, the traceability of products, the management of non-conformities, the evaluation of the effectiveness of the management system, the training of staff must be described in the Quality Management System implemented by the manufacturer of rubber material processing products.

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Read the Joint Ministerial Decision 91808 (Government Gazette 4092/Β/23-9-2020)


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