Why people are not doing what they should!

The impact of performance problems may be very crucial for an organization.

The Human factor is the key to performance results. The aspects affecting work performance may be lack of training or motivation, behavioral and organizational issues etc..

Analyzing and fixing performance issues may be a complicated process but the impact of doing nothing may be significant.

A performance discrepancy may result to a workplace accident, infrastructure damage, an environmental incident, financial or production loses.

The main questions that need to be answered when analyzing a performance problem are:


  • What is the wrong performance? Whose performance is wrong? What is the desired performance?
  • How is your monitoring regime?
  • What are the impacts? What will happened if we don’t do anything? Are our expectations realistic?
  • Is the desired performance punished or not motivated? Is here any space for initiative?
  • Are there any fast solutions or we need more effort? Is it necessary to develop new skills?
  • Is it necessary to redesign the job? Are the job responsibilities clear?
  • Are there any obvious obstacles or in adequate resources?

When one or more solutions or remedies have been identified we need to evaluate them:

  • Check the feasibility of each solution.
  • Define the resources needed for each solution (economic, human, technical etc.).
  • Make decisions and design and implement an Action Plan.

Process Engineering may support an organization to solve performance issues by:

  • Analyzing the root cause of inefficient performance.
  • Evaluating the training needs and applying the necessary training programs.
  • Developing campaigns and workshops to enhance workers’ participation and involvement.
  • Restructuring work and organizational procedures and guidelines.
  • Monitoring the results of the implementing actions.


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