Commissioning is a group of energized and dynamic tests that constitute verification that each “system or subsystem” is fabricated, installed, cleaned, and tested in accordance with design and the systems are ready for start-up.


Commissioning is a critical part of a construction project. As construction develops, commissioning systems and potentially individual items of equipment will take place and introduction of energy to the plant will start.

The various process areas must be clearly identified and clear communication ought to be ensured between them all, especially the construction and operation groups, prior to the operation and testing of equipment, to make known the change of status and the new safety implications to the construction and commissioning site.

Areas must be taped, barricaded or fenced off and tagged appropriately, clearly identifying the nature of the activities about commence in the area.

During commissioning activities significant HSE Risks may occur. The basic aspects that may create relevant risks are:

  • The energy that is transferred in newly installed equipment may create mechanical and electrical failures and relevant hazards.
  • The introduction of chemicals in vessels and pipes may create hazards to people and environment.
  • Unauthorized activation or modification of equipment may create serious hazards.

The effective HSE management of commissioning activities is critical in order to avoid accidents, environmental impacts and damage of assets.

Process Engineering is able to support effectively the HSE Management of commissioning activities by:

  • Developing Occupational and Environmental Risk Assessments.
  • Developing of Safe System of Work (Lock Out – Tag out procedures, hot works and confined spaces permits etc).
  • Developing of Site Safety Regulations and Commissioning HSE Plan.
  • HSE training of the involved personnel.
  • HSE site monitoring and supervising by competent and experienced safety engineers.

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