During previous decades Management Systems’ objectives (Quality, Health &Safety and Environment) were to help organizations satisfy customer requirements, organize processes, enable continuous improvement and most importantly be able to compete other market competitors.

In today’s business environment, objectives have become

more complicated and in various ways confusing. 


The new approaches that are introduced by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 give businesses significant tools to face the relevant challenges. 

The incorporation of Risk Based Thinking in the requirements of the standards shows the way towards a holistic management of the operations of an organization (Integration of Quality, Health & Safety and Environment).

Additionally, requirements such as the Context Analysis and Evaluation of Compliance help organizations to understand better the business environment and the needs and expectations of the stakeholders (customers, society, governmental agencies and authorities, local community etc.) 

Process Engineering may facilitate your business to gain from these new approaches. Our support may include:

  • Context analysis (Internal and external environment analysis, stakeholders mapping).
  • Evaluation of Compliance, meeting regulatory and other stakeholders’ requirements.
  • Risk management –threats and opportunities related to organization’s activities.
  • Development of relevant action plans.
  • Development of Integrated Management System policies, procedures and guidelines.

Process Engineering can support you in designing and implementing effective and continuously improving Management Systems programs in order to minimize risk, manage growth and support existing business strategies.

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