According to international training evaluation data the majority of employees forget what they have learned within 24 hours of training.

“The Employee Forgetfulness Index” findings are bad news for Occupational Health & Safety.

But what is the reason of Employees Forgetfulness?

  • Facilitators can’t engage audiences. Talking heads don’t create memorable experiences for employees. That’s why it’s critical for the people leading your training sessions – even those who teach e-learning courses remotely – to make personal connections with participants.
  • Employees can’t fully disconnect from work during training. Whether a course is taught at a work site or somewhere else, senior management should signal to participants that during the designated training period, learning is the priority.
  • Course participants can’t access the equipment they need to learn. If workers are learning to perform an action on a scaffold, they need those tools to be free and readily available to them (in the job training).
  • The company culture doesn’t embrace change or expect excellence. A common moto that you hear by trainees is “I understand what you said, but it will never work in our environment because nothing ever changes.”
  • Courses are not customized to meet employee needs. If you want workers to step outside their comfort zones and put energy into learning something new, honor their efforts by providing course material that addresses their real needs.

Process Engineering develops tailor made safety training programs. The design and execution of the training include:

  • Evaluation of training needs (review of job requirements, interviews with supervisors and workers).
  • Use of the appropriate work tools (on the job training etc.).
  • Preparation of training material using the appropriate communication tools (power point slides, videos, case studies, questionnaires etc.)
  • Planning of training duration to much the needs of the trainees.

Our trainers are experienced executives with high degree of knowledge, expertise and experience that consider employees’ reality filter, set habits and ideas and necessity to apply on the job.

The main safety training programs that we deliver are:

  • Occupational Safety & Health Management in accordance with international standards (OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001).
  • Special Safety & Health issues, such as:
    • Construction Safety
    • Work in Confined Areas
    • Permit to Work systems
    • Lockout-Tagout systems
    • Explosive Atmospheres - ATEX
    • Measurement of physical and chemical agents in the workplace
    • Manual Materials' Handling
    • Work at Height
    • Safe erection, use and dismantling of scaffolds
    • Hazardous substances
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • First Aid
    • Fire Safety
    • Emergency Response

For additional information contact the training department of Process Engineering.


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